This week from Forge World: The Death Korps return!

With a new Astra Militarum codex on shelves tomorrow, it’s the perfect time for Forge World to revisit one of the most iconic regiments in the 41st Millennium – the baleful Death Korps of Krieg. Today sees two much-loved kits return to Forge World’s lineup, great for kicking off your own Death Korps of Krieg army.

The Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue is an incredibly detailed set that is as much a vignette in miniature as a squad. As servitors gather round – one equipped with a range of horrifyingly baroque medical equipment, one carrying the reclaimed uniforms of several unfortunate Guardsmen and one carrying a long list of the dead – the Quartermaster himself, a magnificently detailed miniature, moves to bring final peace to a dying trooper. On the tabletop, Quartermasters are an invaluable support unit for the Death Korps, capable of healing troops with their medi-packs and inspiring them to ignore wounds.

The Infantry Squad at Ease is a great way to add variety to your Krieg troopers. Joining the advancing and firing sets, this kit allows you to feature Death Korps in a variety of poses in your army. In game, you’ll find Death Korps Infantry Squads an interesting alternative to their brethren in the wider Astra Militarum, with some additional bite in close combat and impressive resilience to morale tests.

You can order both the Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue as well as the Infantry Squad at Ease from Forge World, while their rules can be found in Imperial Armour – Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum.

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