Titans Clash at Warhammer World

Seeing a Titan on the tabletop is a notable experience, with each of these god-machines representing an enormous achievement for any individual hobbyist. Bristling with guns and heavy armour, every Titan – from the Warhound to the Warlord – is an army unto itself.

We were lucky enough to catch a game at Warhammer World recently where two maniples of these towering war engines clashed in a game of Battles in the Age of Darkness. Each side consisted of 30,000 points of Titans, Knights, tanks and Space Marines, led by a Primarch apiece. Perhaps most impressively, every model on the board was painted, making for a truly cinematic spectacle.

The Primarch Mortarion led the traitor forces supported by his Death Guard, the traitor Knight House Makabius, and Titans from Legio Mortis. On the loyalist side, Leman Russ commanded a force of Space Wolves supported by a detachment of loyalist Iron Warriors alongside Knights of their own as well as Titans from two different Titan Legions.

The objectives in the game were simple, though capturing them was anything but; the first turn alone saw four Titans and nearly thirty Knights destroyed. This included a freshly painted Reaver Titan enjoying its debut game – proof beyond doubt that size is no protection from the ravages of Shiny Model Syndrome*.  

After four turns (and nearly nine hours!) of play, Mortarion’s traitors clinched victory by holding onto a single objective with characteristic determination. Thanks to Paul Rudge, Chris S., Jonathan R., Jason M., Craig M., Ollie P. and Chris A. for organising the game. If you’ve been inspired, and you fancy fielding an epic force of your own, why not start off by picking up a Primarch to lead them?

*If you don’t already know what this is, Shiny Model Syndrome is the name given to the notion that freshly painted models seem almost determined to die in the first game in which they are used.

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