Top 3 builds for the Redemptor Dreadnought

The Redemptor Dreadnought is a powerful, versatile war machine, but with so many options it can be hard to pick how best to use yours! We’ve picked three of our favourite ways to equip them, looking at some of the best Chapter Tactics and wargear to use together.

1.The Raven Guard Ranger

With the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics, an emplaced Redemptor Dreadnought is very, very hard to kill – put yours in cover and hammer the enemy at range while holding an objective in your backfield.

You’ll want to max out on ranged gear; pick the macro plasma incinerator, storm bolters, and the fist-mounted onslaught gatling cannon to give yourself as wide a threat range as possible.

To further defend your Dreadnought, you can discourage dangerous assault units with some units of sniper rifle-armed scouts in cover – these can be used to surround the model and prevent it from being charged, or used to control large areas of the table and prevent units deploying there.

Recommended Loadout: Macro plasma incinerator, onslaught gatling cannon, Redemptor fist, two storm bolters, icarus rocket pod, accompanying Scouts with sniper rifles, camo cloaks and a missile launcher, Raven Guard Keyword

2.The Iron Hands Juggernaut

The Iron Hands Redemptor Dreadnought is very durable; effectively, you’re getting a couple of extra Wounds over the course of a game, as well as some insurance against attacks that deal multiple points of damage and mortal wounds.

With the Machine Empathy Stratagem, you’ll be able to advance on your opponents without losing accuracy, so something with a lot of shots, such as the onslaught gatling cannon, is best placed to take advantage of this.

A Techmarine is points efficient, durable, and can repair the Redemptor Dreadnought for D3 lost Wounds a turn. This isn’t just narratively fitting for an Iron Hands force, but a great combo with their Chapter Tactics – every single Wound you heal is worth 1/6th more.

Recommended Loadout: Heavy onslaught gatling cannon, onslaught gatling cannon, Redemptor fist, fragstorm grenade launcher, icarus rocket pod, accompanying Techmarine, Iron Hands Keyword

3. The Ultramarines Gunfighter

The Ultramarines Redemptor Dreadnought is extremely efficient; you’ll be able to make maximum use of both your shooting and melee weapons by charging into combat, then gunning down your opponents with the full force of your weapons.

Firstly, the heavy flamer is an absolute must – this weapon hits automatically and therefore isn’t penalised when you fall back. From there, you’ll want to pick weapons with a high volume of fire to reduce the impact of lessened Ballistic Skill.

Roboute Guilliman makes all Imperium units pretty deadly, and re-rolls to hit and to wound are nothing to shrug at on the Redemptor. Guilliman and a Redemptor fighting side by side are going to be brutal.

Recommended Loadout: Heavy onslaught gatling cannon, heavy flamer, Redemptor fist, fragstorm grenade launcher, icarus rocket pod, Ultramarines Keyword

Any of these builds make for a powerful anvil to base your army around, but there are plenty of combinations out there for canny players – let us know if you’ve got any devastating combinations of your own on our Facebook page. You can pre-order your Redemptor Dreadnought here.

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