Traitor Legions FAQ update for Chaos Cultists

A few weeks back, we released loads of FAQs for our Warhammer 40,000 codexes: literally hundreds of questions we’d been sent from you guys about some of the more unusual rules interactions between the hundreds of units, formations and abilities in the game.

The FAQ cleared up quite a lot of stuff (you guys picked the questions after all), but one thing we did get asked a lot following the release was about the Alpha Legion Insurgency Force Detachment in the new(ish) Traitor Legions supplement.


Our rules guys took another look at this one and we’ve updated the answer to make the rule work differently. You can download that updated version in the usual places, but to save you the trouble, here’s the updated bit:

Page 82, Command Benefits, Cult Uprising

Replace the rule for Cult Uprising with the following:

Cult Uprising: When a unit of Chaos Cultists from this Detachment is completely destroyed, you may add 1 to the dice roll for the A Tide of Traitors special rule when determining whether or not a new unit is placed into Ongoing Reserves.’

So basically, to represent the Alpha Legion’s methodical and masterful infiltration of an enemy populus ahead of an invasion, they have access to even more cultist reinforcements than most of their Traitor Legion kin. As it should be.

For those of you who fancy trying this out in your games. Chaos Cultists can be found in the Dark Vengeance set, in packs of 5 models, or as part of the Cultist Assault (that also contains a Chaos Champion, who looks great painted up in Alpha Legion colours).

Happy gaming folks.

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