Twice the Presenters, Twice the Hobby

We thought it was high time Duncan got a presenting buddy; after all, every good painter knows the benefits of doubling up. Say hello to Chris “Peachy” Peach:

You may recognise Chris from some of his awesome armies; from his Ventrillan Dragoons, to his forces of Hallowguild, to his stunning Daughters of Khaine army. Chris has been a fixture of the hobby team for years, even teaching Duncan himself “everything he knows” (as Chris would have it). You can expect to see even more handy tips, tricks and guides from Warhammer TV in future, starting with how to paint a Tyranid Warrior, perfect for any aspiring commander of the hive mind.

Got any videos you’d like to see from Chris? Just fancy saying hi? Let us know on the Warhammer TV Facebook page.

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