Two Hundred Titans (and a Cake)

The Titan Owners Club – a group of dedicated Tech-Priests who, as their name suggests, delight in owning Forge World’s massive Titan models – have recently celebrated a significant milestone. They have inducted their 200th Imperial Titan into the club. Alongside ten heretical xenos war engines, many Imperial Knights and a Thunderhawk Gunship, this represents a gathering of might like no other and was worthy of celebration. Naturally, there was cake. Cake shaped like a Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Titan head.

As well as the cake, the club put together a video commemorating this event, and the achievements of their members worldwide. We’re sure you’ll agree that there are some truly stunning examples here.

In addition, the Titan Owners Club has announced two new events for their members – one in the US and one in the UK. Known as “Titan Walks”, these are an opportunity for members of the TOC to gather their war engines in one place and play a truly gigantic, world-shattering game of Warhammer 40,000. You can find more information about these on the TOC blog.

The TOC is an innovative group of hobbyists who aim to build a community, provide advice and tips to one another, and establish a gaming brotherhood. With 147 members located in 21 different countries, they are well on their way to making the world feel the tread of their God-machines. If you are a Titan owner and not a member of the TOC, check them out – and see if you can join in the Titan Walks later this year. Don’t forget to send us pictures!

Intrigued by all this Titan talk? Check out the Forge World website, where you can see the Imperium’s mightiest war engines in all their glory. Or if you want something smaller, but still incredibly destructive, check out the Imperial Knights. If you’d like to see some of the Titan Owner’s club collection for yourselves, you’re in luck – they’ll be visiting the Warhammer Citadel soon with a selection of their collection. 

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