Underhive Informant: Terrible Toxins, Ferocious Phelynx and Spiritual Scum

My name is G-122 and I’m one of the new Captains at this Precinct-Fortress. This is the first of your regular monthly briefings where I’m going to share with you the latest intel from my top underhive informant. So pay attention, it just might save your life out there…

Criminal Chemists

We’ve been hearing rumours coming out of the House of Blades – that’s Escher for all of the rookies present. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have to deal with those Goliath Forge-born, now we have the Escher Wyld Runners. These Prospects are reckless and bold underhive runners so keep an eye out – their bows and whips are more dangerous than they look.

Out in the wilderness, they often use their whips to train Phelynx. These gene-smithed Venom Cats are fast, stealthy and can really do some damage if they sink their teeth into you. We’ve seen Wyld Sisters with as many as three of these critters, and they build up their bond over a lifetime, so don’t be surprised if she gets mad when you hurt one of her pets.

On top of that, Escher Champions, or Matriarchs as they call ’em, seem to have acquired a new cache of weapons. We’ve arrested some carrying combi-pistols, sawn-off shotguns, power hammers and shock whips.

We’re also hearing about a buncha chems hitting the underhive, the latest one has a street name of Ice Cold. The boys in the lab say that this will keep someone calm even in the most stressful of situations.

Other new chems go by the names of Dreamland, Hyper, Brain Lock and Puke – we expect there to be even more, so keep your eyes peeled. We even got a pict-capture of one of the Escher Chem-matrons – her name is Prianaa, but she’s better known as Pick-me-up

We don’t need no invitation – get out there and pick her up!

Other Most Wanted

Those crazy Cawdor guys have been causing trouble too. This is Rattus Tatterskin. He claims that his rats whisper instructions from the Emperor, so we can add blasphemy to a pretty long list of violence. Be careful, he’s pretty handy with that heavy stubber and those rats will give you a nasty nip if you get too close. Since he can be hired by any House Cawdor gang, he could be pretty much anywhere in the underhive.

Make sure you see the medic if you get bitten by any of those rats. I don’t want you catching anything and missing any patrols.

Help Inbound

We’ve had word from the Provost Marshal that Scrutinator-Primus Servalen is heading downhive. I think that her reputation precedes her, but just in case you ain’t heard, she’s a null. That means she shuts down any nearby wyrds. I don’t know if she’s after any specific suspects down here, but don’t complain too much if she joins your patrol and takes one of your collars. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her operating with any law-abiding House gang either. She’s got her trusty Cyber-Mastiff, KB-88, with her too, so that should help deal with all of those rats and Venom Cats out there.

Unless she asks for your help, stay out of her way – the last thing I need is her complaining to the Proctor about any of you.

That’s the end of this briefing. Remember, don’t be afraid to call in the Subjugators if things get heavy. Now, get out there – the underhive isn’t going to police itself!

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