Undersea Magic, Underhive Tech and Blood Bowl Chaos

We have got a packed week of pre-order releases ahead of us, with new models for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and Necromunda, and much more besides – so without any further ado, let’s dive right in with new heroes for the Idoneth Deepkin.

The Isharann are the mystics and magic users of the Idoneth, and the three heroes released today all use their abilities to aid their forces in battle in different ways. The Isharann Tidecaster is key to summoning the mystic sea that allows the Idoneth Deepkin to operate outside their ocean depths. They also draw upon the collective suffering of their people to inflict ailments on unwary foes, making them invaluable for weakening an enemy before a vital strike. The Tidecaster model stands atop ruined aelven architecture, her pelagic staff in one hand and a water rune in the other as a spirit guardian swims around her.

The Isharann Soulrender is a warrior-mystic, trained in the arts of battle alongside the Akhelians. It is the Soulrenders who take the souls of fallen foes, their helmet-mounted lurelights drawing them in. These captured souls are used to heal and soothe the Namarti, fending off death for a while longer. And when the battle is won, any souls remaining are seeded in newborn Namarti, replenishing the ranks of Idoneth warriors. The model is armed with a vicious talúnhook and accompanied by the ethereal manifestation of a deadly Rakerdart.

Isharann Soulscryers guide the Idoneth through the whirlways, and in battle, they mark out the most soul-rich foes for their fellow Idoneth to target. With his cyfar compass and dowserchimes, the Soulscryer model looks every inch the priest, pointing the rest of the army towards their target as a shoal of Scryfish protect him.

Each of these three new heroes comes in a plastic clam pack, available to pre-order now from the Games Workshop webstore. Alongside them are new kits for both Blood Bowl and Necromunda, as a new team enters the gridiron and another House rises in the underhive.

Blitzmania II is just around the corner, and the forces of Chaos love a good game of Blood Bowl. The Doom Lords are renowned as one of the greatest of all the Chaos Chosen teams to play the game. In the, box you’ll find four Chaos Warrior Blockers and eight Beastmen, with six unique models, and interchangeable heads (and horns on the Beastmen) for added customisation. You’ll also find two score coins and suitably ornate turn markers on the frames, perfect for keeping track of everything you need to while crushing your foes on the pitch.

The rules for the Chaos Chosen can be found, among a host of other new rules, in the inaugural issue of the Spike! Journal, a new publication that will provide regular updates for the game of fantasy football – as well an in-universe look at the crazy world of Blood Bowl! Along with the Chaos Chosen, you’ll find rules in this issue for using Wizards in your games – that should certainly add some spectacle to half-time shows!

Also coming for Blood Bowl are dice packs for the Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens teams, as well as card packs for the Chaos Chosen and Skaven, each containing team cards for easy reference alongside new Special Play cards. Finally, there’s a deck of Star Player cards with rules for a host of sporting heroes old and new who can be added to teams as inducements. All this just in time for Blitzmania to start… it’s going to be a great season of Blood Bowl.

Going from the Blood Bowl pitch to the depths of the underhive, House Van Saar is bringing its technological might to the gang wars of Necromunda. Even by the standards you’ve come to expect from Necromunda miniatures, this is a wonderfully versatile kit, building 10 models from a choice of five different bodies, ten different heads, and ten weapons options, built from interchangeable parts to give them a high-tech, modular look. And that’s not all: an additional clear plastic frame allows you to add two energy shields to the gang, along with a lantern. Throw in grenades, pouches and other paraphernalia and we’re pretty sure no two Van Saar gangs will ever look alike.

But where are their rules, we hear you cry? Gang War 3 is also available to pre-order today, with full rules for kitting out a Van Saar gang, alongside expanded equipment lists for Escher, Goliath and Orlock gangs, rules for new Hired Guns, including Brutes like Ogryns, full guidance for adding Trading Posts to your campaigns, and much more. You even get 12 new scenarios to play – two of them designed for more than two players.

A pair of card packs, one for House Van Saar, with gang cards and new tactics, and one containing 26 blank fighter cards for referencing your fighters in-game, round out this week’s releases.


All of this is available to pre-order now on the Games Workshop webstore – alongside much more for both Blood Bowl and Necromunda if you’ve yet to dip your toe into those particular waters.

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