Voices of Warhammer 2020 by Black Library

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Black Library’s audiobooks and audio dramas are a great way to get your fix of Warhammer fiction – and with the new Humble Bundle, Voices of Warhammer 2020 by Black Library, you can get a fantastic curated collection of up to 21 of them! 

BLHumbleAudio Oct21 Spread4hrThe audio adventures in this new bundle have been selected by Black Library to give you a taste of what the range offers. Most of the titles are audiobooks – full-length novels read to you by expert narrators. A couple of them will let you experience audio dramas, which are full-cast plays performed by multiple actors, with sound effects and music for an immersive experience.

The bundle is split into three tiers, each themed around a Black Library range. As you pay more you unlock additional tales, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity – so you can get excellent audio stories and feel good about it too!

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The first tier is a seasonal selection of Warhammer Horror stories, set across the 41st Millennium, the Mortal Realms, and the world-that-was. These stories are perfect for listening to in a dark room as All Hallow’s Eve approaches… as long as you like a scare, that is. This tier includes four audiobook novels and the audio drama Perdition’s Flame.

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The stories in the second tier will take you into the Age of Sigmar with audiobooks focused on Stormcast Eternals, witch hunters, and the Supreme Lord of the Undead, plus an all-action anthology of short stories. The feature-length audio drama Realmslayer introduces everyone’s favourite surly Slayer, Gotrek Gurnisson, to the Mortal Realms, while the audiobook of the classic novel Trollslayer will show you Gotrek’s origins in the Old World.

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Fans of the grim darkness of the far future will want to get on board with the third tier. From the Astra Militarum’s toughest battles to Inquisitorial investigations, tales of Sanguinius and Fabius Bile, and a crisis on Terra that only the Talons of the Emperor can resolve, there are stories to suit every taste. A pair of Horus Heresy audiobooks will also give you a glimpse into the Imperium’s origins and the battle that defined an era – the Siege of Terra.

Across the three tiers, you’ll get more than 200 hours of incredible fiction at an even more incredible price. Head to the Humble website between now and the 11th of November to get yours!

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