Warhammer 40,000 – Crusade Tips

The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 has introduced the Crusade campaign system, enabling you to muster a small force of green recruits and turn them into a mighty host of battle-hardened veterans over the course of several games. One of the key factors in developing your Crusade force is in how you spend your Requisition points, so today, we’re offering five handy tips on how to get the most from each point you earn.

Spend One at the Start!

When first forming your Order of Battle, you receive five Requisition points to get you started. You can spend these in between games or straight away. The thing is, you can never have more than five Requisition points at any given time, and you receive one additional point after every Crusade game you play. To avoid wasting the Requisition point earned after your first game, make sure you spend at least one of your five points straight away. Good options here are to treat one of your Characters to a Warlord Trait or a Relic (remember that in Crusade, you don’t automatically start with either!), otherwise you’ll have to wait until they gain a rank to do so.

Give Yourself More Options

One of the Requisitions you should always consider using is Increase Supply Limit. You may only ever be able to use the same Power Level as your opponent, but the larger your Supply Limit is, the more options you’ll have to choose from in each battle. Even if you prefer to play smaller-sized games such as Combat Patrol (maximum 25 Power Level) and Incursion (maximum 50 Power Level), having a larger pool of units available will increase the choice you have. Even just including multiples of the same unit can be effective – as they gain experience, you’ll be able to specialise them in different aspects of war, giving you a crucial edge on the battlefield by allowing you to field the best version of that unit to face your opponent.

Fight Larger Battles!

Another use for Increase Supply Limit is that, after investing 10 Requisition points on it over the course of your campaign, your Order of Battle will hit a Power Level of 100 – enough to play a Strike Force-sized battle. After all, there’s a reason why the Crusade section in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book includes rules for Strike Force and even Onslaught (maximum 150 Power Level) missions!

Start Small

If you’re struggling to fit all the cool units you want into your starting Order of Battle, consider this sneaky trick. The Fresh Recruits Requisition enables you to increase the size of an existing unit – even one that gained its first rank – on your Order of Battle. This means that, for example, you could reduce a 10-model squad of Primaris Intercessors to a 5-model unit when creating your Order of Battle, saving you a valuable 5 Power to spend elsewhere, safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to up them to full strength later. In the case of Tyranids and Orks, it actually feels more narratively appropriate too, as more biomass is claimed and fresh greenskins join your growing Waaagh! Just bear in mind that you may need to increase your Supply Limit to accommodate them first!

Build a Battalion

An important consideration for your Crusade force’s development is that you’ll probably want to field a single Battalion Detachment in Incursion-sized games (maybe even up to Strike Force too), as it enables you to field an effective and flexible selection of units without having to burn any Command points on using multiple Detachments. To that end, whether you cater for it in your starting Order of Battle or spend Requisitions points to increase your Supply Limit accordingly, you should aim to have the minimum requirements of a Battalion Detachment – two HQ and three Troops units – as soon as you can.

Are you ready for war? Well, now that you’ve got a few pointers to help you muster and develop your own Order of Battle, grab yourself a Crusade Journal and start your own Crusade today!

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