Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament: Events Pack Now Available

Warhammer 40,000’s first major matched play event is coming – get ready for the Grand Tournament. Tickets are disappearing fast, and heats two and three are already sold out! If you can’t attend, don’t worry – we’re making the event pack available to everyone, and if you’re looking for a way to run your own matched play event, you’ll find the Grand Tournament pack is a great way to do it, with a scalable scoring system that encourages sporting play with well-presented armies.

Firstly, all abilities that can be decided before the game must be recorded in advance on your army roster. This includes Warlord Traits, relics and faction keywords. Any Stratagems you’d use before battle begins, like the Chapter Master Stratagem from Codex: Space Marines, must also be recorded here, but not any you’d use during deployment, like Forward Operatives from Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

You’ll have to stick to the same list for the whole weekend, whichever heat you choose, but you’re free to change your list between heats if you’re entering multiple times, or in advance of the Grand Final.

Secondly, there’s a limit of three Detachments for each army list. This is enough to allow plenty of space for unusual combinations and experimentation, but you’ll still have to be careful about juggling Command Points and Detachment-specific abilities like Chapter Tactics and Legion Traits.

In the Grand Tournament system, players are ranked by their Grand Tournament Score. Players are firstly scored based on their wins, with 6 points for a victory, 2 points for a draw and 0 points for a loss. There’s a total of 30 points available for gaming, with a further 10 points for army presentation and good sportsmanship, voted on by the players – and players have to cast their votes to qualify.

Finally, there are a series of tiebreakers in place in case two or more players end up with the same score, based on factors like the number of Slay the Warlord conditions scored or the total points value of enemy units destroyed. These tiebreakers are designed so that the events pack is scalable even to large events, as even if several players end up with the same score, the granularity of the tiebreakers should be enough to distinguish them.

These tiebreaker conditions also mean that it’s in every player’s interests to finish their games without conceding. Even a loss can be a chance to score a crucial Slay the Warlord or Linebreaker to swing the final tiebreaker, and conceding awards the enemy player a full 2,000 points for units destroyed – winning the Grand Tournament means fighting to the bitter end even in the event of a loss!

Tickets are almost gone for this year’s Grand Tournament, but we invite you to use these rules to run events of your own. The full pack can be downloaded here:

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