Warhammer Board Games – Festive Fun in a Box

Christmas is a great time to settle around a table to play some board games with your friends and family. We’ve got you covered with a range of Warhammer-themed games, available from shops like Target, Barnes & Noble, and Game UK! 

Whether you prefer the manic sports action of Blitz Bowl, the heroic adventures of both Space Marines and Stormcast Eternals, or the tactical gladiator brawl of Combat Arena, there’s something to please gamers of every type. Today, we’re taking a look at these games and how Warhammer fans in the USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK can get their hands on them.

Blood Bowl is fantastic fun, and with the Second Season Edition only freshly released, it’s sure to be a popular game to break out this year! If you crave the fantasy sports action, but find yourself looking for a faster, more focused version of the game, reach for Blitz Bowl.

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Both seasons of Blitz Bowl utilise the same incredible models from your favourite Blood Bowl teams, but with half the number of players and a streamlined and simplified set of game mechanics. This means that your games will be much faster to play and easier for new coaches to get into. Visit the Blitz Bowl website to learn more. 

Both versions of this boxed game, Labyrinth of the Necrons and Rise of the Orks, feature Space Marines taking on some of the most deadly xenos warriors of the 41st Millennium. Can you overcome the dangerous and dramatic missions and save the galaxy from these threats?

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The two boxes are stand-alone cooperative board games with bespoke rules, making for an exciting and fresh spin on fighting battles in the grim darkness of the far future. You can also find expansions for Labyrinth of the Necrons, adding new fighters and new challenges to keep your game nights fresh. If you’re thinking about getting someone into collecting Space Marines, these stunning models just might push them over the edge.

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Check out the Rise of the Orks and Labyrinth of the Necrons websites to get a closer look at each of them.

Looking for a classic, fast-paced dungeon crawl experience in the Mortal Realms? Crypt Hunters is for you and one of your best mates.

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One of you will take command of a small but mighty group of Stormcast Eternals as they attempt to recover a powerful relic, and the other will guide the undying and unending hordes of Nighthaunts to thwart their plans. No two games are the same, and if one of you thinks the other side has it easy, you can swap and see there are totally different challenges for each side. The official Crypt Hunters website breaks it all down.

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The galaxy is a big place, and there’s room to explore all kinds of conflicts outside the system-wide warfare of your Warhammer 40,000 games. Combat Arena focuses on a cadre of Rogue Trader agents aboard a ship, fighting to keep their skills sharp during their voyage.

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The gladiatorial combat is incredibly intense – the gameplay strategic and yet unpredictable. Match your wits against several other players and see who’s left standing when the dust settles! Using a clever card-based mechanic alongside rules that are dead simple to pick up and play, you’ll be creating great memories in no time at all. Hit the Combat Arena website to get the full details.

NRPArticle Dec17 DreadfaneLogo831k

If you’re thinking about trying out Warhammer Underworlds or trying to entice someone else to start playing it with you, pick up a copy of Dreadfane to get started fast! You’ll find everything you need in this starter set.

NRPArticle Dec17 Dreadfane371h2


Dreadfane packs all the deck-based strategic action of Warhammer Underworlds into a curated, tight gameplay experience designed to ease you into the game mechanics. The games are fast, the models are incredible, and no two games will play out quite the same way! Your entire family and group of friends will enjoy the friendly competition and glimpse into everything the Mortal Realms have to offer. Hit the official Dreadfane website to learn more.

All of these games make an ideal Christmas present, whether you’re getting something for a friend or treating yourself. Contact your local shops and ask them about their selection of Warhammer-themed boxed games.

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