Warhammer Community Team Liveblog

Alright everyone, those of us on the Warhammer Community team who are not currently in Las Vegas have made our way out to the Nottingham Belfry Hotel for the Horus Heresy Weekender! (The guys in the States are going to be so jealous.)

We’ll be updating this page over the weekend with details about on reveals as they are released, and Sunday we’ll also cover the Golden Demon, so check back for all the latest scoops on the Horus Heresy.


[9:50am GMT]

Well, we’ve arrived, and loads of guests are already here buying their event exclusive minis and having their breakfasts. We’re all waiting for the opening ceremony at 10:30.

[10:15am GMT]

We’ve set up our base of operations in the writer’s room…

That’s John French, Chris Wraight, and Alan Bligh – plotting some sort of Heresy no doubt…you wouldn’t believe the awesome behind-the-scenes Heresy plot conversations they’re having in here (you probably would, but we’re not allowed to tell you – the Inquisition is pretty serious about those sorts of things).

[10:35am GMT]

Everyone is glued to their seats for the first seminar, on the Burning of Prospero and The Horus Heresy Book Seven -Inferno.

[11:10am GMT]

Plenty of folk are registering their Golden Demon entries today, ready for the judging tomorrow.

[11:45am GMT]

For all you would be master-painters out there, the world-renowned ‘Eavy Metal team is hiring. Anja, who is also serving as one of the Golden Demon judges tomorrow, has sneakily illustrated one of the ‘We Need You’ flyers and hidden it amongst the rest.

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