Warhammer Heroes: the Rewards of Heroism

Have you nominated your Warhammer Hero yet? Warhammer Heroes is a new initiative designed to recognise the people who make our community great – from hard-working tournament organisers, to those who take the time to bring others into our worlds. We’ve had some great submissions for this year’s Warhammer Heroes so far, but we don’t want to miss anyone who may be worthy of winning, so make sure to submit your entry if you haven’t so far!

There’s more than just glory on offer – the chosen Warhammer Heroes will receive some fabulous prizes, too!

Firstly, they’ll get a special polo shirt to commemorate their success, giving them a stylish way to show off their contributions to the community.

Secondly, as we’ve said, we’ll be enshrining the names of our heroes for all time at Warhammer World, alongside any future Warhammer Heroes.

Finally, every Warhammer Hero will receive a special, purpose-made medal – modelled here by Warhammer Community’s Rhu, shortly before we took it off him again. (We don’t give them out for just anything!)

Nominations for Warhammer Heroes close at midnight on the 31st of December, so you’ve still got time! Remember, we’re looking for quality in nominations, not quantity, so even if your Warhammer Hero isn’t particularly widely known, they could win!

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