Welcome Your New Necron Overlords

The Necrons have awoken and it’s only a matter of time before they wrest back control of the galaxy from the upstart younger races. Since you’ll soon be bowing and scraping to them, this seems like a good time to present a guide to your new rulers. Prepare to grovel – here are your Necron Overlords.

Imotekh the Stormlord

Imotekh became the leader of the Sautekh Dynasty after he woke up and found out that their phaeron had perished in the great sleep. He’s pretty handy in a fight, and when we say he’s ‘handy, we mean that he likes to cut off his opponent’s hands – one of the latest victims being High Marshal Helbrecht. As the Lord of the Storm, Imotekh can also bring down a tremendous lightning strike. Who needs fireworks when you can do that?

Nemesor Zahndrekh

We recommend not mentioning to Nemesor Zahndrekh that he’s an immortal robot – biotransference did something a bit strange to his mind and he still thinks he’s a flesh and blood general, fighting in the Necrontyr Wars of Secession. He sees armies of Orks and Aeldari as rebellious kinsmen and thought that his enemies had released a herd of wild beasts upon him after a battle with the Tyranids. Still, if you want to have a chat about the “good old days” over a glass of fine amasec then Zahndrekh is your android man.

Anrakyr the Traveller

Trying to decide which Necron Tomb World to visit on holiday? Looking for the definitive travel guide? It’s probably been written by Anrakyr. When he reawoke, he headed out to raise other dormant tomb worlds, but unlike most alarm clocks, Anrakyr doesn’t have a snooze button. What he does have is the ability to control machines with his mind, which is a pretty cool party trick.

Trazyn the Infinite

The most lustrous larcenist in the 41st Millennium, Trazyn likes to spend his days cataloguing his collection of stolen artefacts from across the aeons. Of course, he still occasionally finds the time to visit new battlefields, take over other Necron Lords’ bodies with his consciousness, and pick up any new trinkets that they’ve found and are worth swiping. We recommend that you don’t come across as too interesting to Trazyn, lest he claim you as another of his artefacts and you have to spend the rest of eternity posed in his private museum.

The Silent King

The king is back! Also known as the Shatterer of the Star Gods, Defeater of the Old Ones, Bringer of Unity, Master of the Final Triarch, Wielder of the Sceptre of Eternal Glory, the Silent King has more names than an underhive conman. If you’re really not sure which of the Necron leaders to worship, you can’t go wrong with the Silent King – he’s the supreme ruler of the Necron Dynasties, and sooner or later they’ll all realise it (or end up as scrap metal).

Join the inevitable rulers of the galaxy by picking up the Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition and starting your own Necron army. The Silent King commands it!

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