What’s in the Box? Gangs of Commorragh

gangs of commorragh-header
Last week, we teased the upcoming Gangs of Commorragh box.

Well, we’ve just got our first box into the office and we thought we’d share with you a few details of what’s inside.

First off, the cover art of the box is very cool: an evocative battle of blade and bolt at high speed through the spires of the Dark City. We see a Hellion and a Reaver trading blows at near-supersonic speeds – off to a good start.


Opening it up, we can see the box is packed with stuff. There are no less than 6 Reaver Jetbikes and 10 Hellion skyboarders in there. Even for the models alone, this set is a great deal and a perfect place to start for anyone wanting to collect an airborne force from the Dark City.

The idea with this box, though, is that these form rival gangs that will battle for supremacy and loot though the spires of the Dark Eldar’s decadent capital. Speaking of which, you get some spires – cardboard pinnacles of Commorragh’s many towers that your gang can expertly weave around (or, if you’re unlucky – collide with…)

The game itself is entirely self-contained set, and all the rules you need to play are in the box. There is a quick start guide for those who want to get battling straight away, quick reference cards for both players, and a more detailed rulebook for those who want even more depth to their games, including expansive rules for a campaign.

Gangs of Commorragh really comes into its own in campaign play. Each warrior can advance, gain skills and be equipped with all the usual wargear you’d expect from Reavers or Hellions. While the customisation of individual models is high, the campaign mechanics themselves are simple and scalable, allowing anything from a couple to dozens of participants, making it ideal for a gaming club.

For those who want, you can also expand your murder-pack into a more powerful gang with more Hellions and Reavers from the Dark Eldar range (though you get easily enough to start off with in the box, with models to spare in both gangs).

We’ll have more news on the gameplay itself very soon, as well as a few gangs that the studio created to test the game out in the office.


This set will be on it’s way later in the month, so keep your eyes on the skies…

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