White Dwarf Preview – Issue 456

It’s September – a month that’s hot for some, cold for others or, if you live in the UK, anything in between on any given day! It also means that it’s about time we treated you to a preview of White Dwarf issue 456. First up, here are the contents…

Now we know what’s in the magazine, let’s take a look at a few of our favourite picks from this month’s issue in a bit more detail.

Index Astartes: The Silver Templars

Fans of the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest partworks series will no doubt recognise these particular Space Marines! Known to be among the first dedicated Chapters of Primaris Space Marines created during the Ultima Founding, the Silver Templars are the stars of this month’s instalment of the ever-popular Index Astartes series. You can read all about the Chapter’s background as well as their famed focus and fury – which also happens to serve as their battle cry! You’ll be able to field them in battle with a new Chapter Tactic, two Relics, three Warlord Traits and a pair of Stratagems unique to the Silver Templars!

As if that wasn’t enough, the article is followed by a Paint Splatter guide to help you get your own Silver Templars to Battle Ready or Parade Ready standard.

Our pick of the month for all things Mortal Realms makes this issue an absolute must-have for all fans of Warcry.

Chasing the Flames

A new Warcry warband takes to the streets in the form of the Cities of Sigmar, with a whopping 18 different types of warrior available to the somewhat hybrid roster. What’s more, you can also take your citizen warband on a new campaign too!

There’s also some exciting and exclusive new fiction for fans of Black Library too…

Warhammer Crime: Sanctioner

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when the crime novel genre meets Warhammer, you’ll find all the answers right here! Black Library’s newest imprint sees popular author Chris Wraight take you on a journey through Warhammer’s murky underbelly in his short story, ‘Sanctioner’.

Issue 456 will be available to pre-order soon, though you can alternatively subscribe and never miss an issue – we’ll even send it to you a few days early where possible!

A note for White Dwarf Readers in Australia and New Zealand

Just a quick heads up – the magazine release in stores will be a little bit later than usual this month for readers in Australia. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on your magazine! Issue 456 will be available to pre-order from September 25th and on shelves, and in your hands, by October 2nd. thanks for your patience. Subscriber copies should arrive with you at the normal time, around the middle of the month.

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