White Dwarf Preview – Issue 457

October’s here, which means we’re steadily drawing closer to a certain festive holiday (though it’s still too early to mention it by name). However, that pales in comparison to the fact that we’re about to show you what’s in Issue 457 of White Dwarf!

Right, let’s get cracking – behold the visual and literary wonders that lie within this month’s issue…

Even among the packed contents of October’s issue, there are a few stand-outs that we’re going to delve into in greater detail. First up is a brand-new innovation to the magazine – Flashpoint.

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Warhammer 40,000 Flashpoint: Argovon System

Flashpoints are a new, semi-regular White Dwarf feature series that include collections of articles exploring a particular region or war zone at a specific point in time. 

Flashpoints contain rules for you to try out on the battlefield, plus stories and background about the setting, giving you plenty of opportunities to theme your games. You could recreate some of the battles mentioned in the background section, convert Characters based on the heroes in the stories, or build a new battlefield to represent one of the Theatres of War. Each Flashpoint will span multiple issues, and the articles associated with it will be marked with the Flashpoint symbol, making them easy to find in your copy of White Dwarf.

This month’s issue sees the new feature make its debut with the first-ever Flashpoint, set in the war-torn Argovon System, where the Imperium has been caught on the back foot by the Necrons and is fighting to reclaim lost ground.

Pretty exciting, right? New and exclusive White Dwarf content is on its way! Speaking of which, let’s pick a highlight for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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The Tome Celestial: Troggherds of the Realms

Last time around, the Tome Celestial investigated the Squigalanche of the Jaws of Mork and the diminutive but brave (or stupid) grots who ride or prod them into battle. This month, the Dwarfers have dialled it up a notch, as it’s all about the rampaging hordes of fearsome troggoths – known collectively as Troggherds. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about these monstrous but somewhat dim creatures, you won’t want to miss this deep-dive into their lore. There are even exclusive rules for using them on the battlefield, too!

It would feel remiss of us if we discussed Troggherds in any capacity without mentioning the impressive army showcase of notorious troggoth herder Jes Bickham that also features in the issue. The answer to the question on everyone’s lips is yes – troggoth skin CAN be purple!

Our wildcard choice for this month takes us all the way to the shores of Middle-earth…

The Pale Orc Cometh

Before his eventual death, Azog the Defiler was among the Dark Lord Sauron’s most feared generals, a giant Orc whose hatred of the line of Durin was legendary. As one would expect from such a formidable Hero, Azog is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, if you want to make sure you get the most from the mighty Pale Orc in your games, let this in-depth tactica be your guide.

Lost in the Warp

Well, not literally, thankfully, but we have unfortunate news for you Australian and New Zealander Terrans out there. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, White Dwarf Issue 456 has been further delayed, and we’re also expecting this month’s issue to face set-backs. With that in mind, we’ve readjusted the release dates for these issues in the Australian and New Zealand regions as follows:

White Dwarf Issue 456:

  • Available to pre-order from the 16th of October
  • Released in stores from the 23rd of October 

White Dwarf Issue 457:

  • Available to pre-order from the 30th of October 
  • Released in stores from the 6th of November

We can only apologise for these delays, but we can assure you that each issue’s juicy content will be worth the wait! For all other regions, Issue 457 will be available to pre-order from next Friday, the 9th of October, and released in store the following week. Of course, easy mode is to get a White Dwarf subscription – that way, you won’t have to worry about release dates, as it’ll just turn up on your doorstep each month!

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