White Dwarf Preview – Issue 459

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IT’S CHRISTMA – ahem. Not quite yet, anyway. What it definitely IS time for, however, is our preview of December’s issue of White Dwarf! Here’s the front cover in all its arachnoid glory.

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With a cover like that, you’re no doubt expecting to see some grots in this issue. Well, you’d be right! But before we take a closer look at what awaits you in Issue 459, let’s check out the rest of the contents.

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First up is a peek at some of the grot content. If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, you may want to skip this section – you’ve been warned…

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The Tome Celestial: The Grimscuttle Tribes

The Grimscuttle tribes are infamous Spiderfang grots who dwell in the barren, haunted woods of Shyish. These self-titled ‘Deff Grotz’ live a harsh existence, surrounded as they are by the myriad servants of Nagash. The greatest threat is posed by their proximity to Nulahmia, the seat of Neferata, so the Grimscuttle take great pains not to rouse the immortal fury of the Mortarch of Blood. These Spiderfang grots prey upon the living, stealing away members of lonely villages or isolated households, while evading those who pursue them with web-walls and traps left in their wake.

In addition to loads of intriguing new background on the Grimscuttle tribes, the Tome Celestial includes exclusive rules too. You can look forward to allegiance abilities, three warscroll battalions, and even a warscroll update to the Bad Mood Loonshrine, which replaces its Moonclan Lairs ability with one bespoke to the Spiderfangs called Endless Skitterswarms.

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As usual, this article is followed by a Paint Splatter to help you paint your own Grimscuttle grots, after which you can check out an army showcase of background writer Nick Horth’s own Spiderfang tribe, Da Bad Eggz. But it’s not all about diminutive greenskins and their eight-legged chums this month – the White Dwarf team is also reaching the epic finale of their first-ever Flashpoint series!

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Warhammer 40,000: Flashpoint – The Argovon System

A Warhammer 40,000 Flashpoint is designed to present evolving background, campaign rules, and narrative stories centred around a particular conflict or war zone over the course of multiple issues. If you’ve been keeping up with this inaugural series, you’ll know that the action in the Argovon System has very much been hotting up. Well, things are about to draw to a head as it’s the last instalment of this particular Flashpoint, and judging by the titles of these two sections, the outcome is looking pretty bleak…

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In this climactic episode, there’s new and updated lore, campaign rules, and even a pair of short stories that set the scene for the action as it unfolds – it’s unmissable stuff!

For our bonus article choice this month, we’re heading to the gridiron. Unless you’ve been playing dead in the dugout for the past several weeks, you’ll know that the Second Season Edition of Blood Bowl has just launched in stores worldwide. To celebrate, White Dwarf is presenting the new edition’s first official Match Report!

Blood Bowl Match Report: The Bögenhafen Bash

Featuring the boxed set’s two brand-new teams, this match report is essential reading for sports fans everywhere. Gaming guru Jay Clare takes on his colleague Rich Dansie to put the Bögenhafen Barons and Thunder Valley Greenskins through their paces. What’s more, they’ve even added the boxed set’s Big Guys and Star Players to their rosters for the showdown, so you can expect an abundance of flashy plays as well as some unrestrained violence.

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Believe it or not, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what lies within December’s issue, so watch out for more detailed reviews of some of the magazine’s featured articles over the coming weeks. Make sure that you never miss an issue of the ultimate Warhammer magazine by subscribing – or asking a relative or significant other to treat you to a subscription for Christmas. You can pre-order Issue 459 on Friday the 11th of December or pick it up in stores a week later.

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