Wield the Emperor’s Spears in your games

Last week saw Forge World release new weapons packs for the Legio Custodes, replacing their iconic guardian spears with up-gunned versions boasting new ranged weapons. This week, equipping your squads got more convenient, as two bundles are available, each containing a squad of Custodian Guard and one of the new weapons sets.

The Custodian Guard with Pyrithite Spears replace their bolters with meltaguns, giving their spears a short-ranged but powerful anti-tank punch, while the Custodian Guard with Adrasite Spears pack an equally short-range yet devastating punch against heavily armoured characters, possessing AP 2 and the Instant Death special rule! Each set contains a 5-man plastic Custodian Guard squad, alongside 5 resin spears.

Also available today is a fantastic bundle combining both of these sets with the new Legio Custodes Shield Captain released last week. This Legio Custodes Spearhead is the perfect start to a Legio Custodes force, or a massively powerful batch of reinforcements for any loyalist Legion of Space Marines.

Head to the Forge World website to pick up your Legio Custodes bundles now.

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