Win Your Dream Army with Warhammer 40,000: The App

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Want to win the army of your dreams? Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that. To be in with a chance, all you have to do is use the new – and currently FREE – Battle Forge roster builder in Warhammer 40,000: The App

Battle Forge is the latest addition to the app, and although it’s currently in a beta phase, it already lets you craft armies for every Warhammer 40,000 faction quickly and easily. It’s fun to use, allows you to test out different builds, and it even does all the hard work, like adding up points and checking that your force is Battle-forged – it’s in the name, after all!

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To celebrate the arrival of this game-changing new feature, we’re giving away five armies to folk who make army lists using Battle Forge and share them with the community. 

To enter, just download the app and claim your one-month free trial to gain access to Battle Forge. Then, once you’ve put together the force you’ve always wanted, export your list and share it on Twitter or Instagram along with #40KBattleForge to enter. It’s that easy.

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What mighty force will your fevered imagination conjure? An Astra Militarum armoured assault spearheaded by super-heavy Baneblades? An Adeptus Custodes shield host led into the Dark Imperium by an Inquisitor? Perhaps you’ll burst from the webway with a Drukhari raiding party or raise an undying legion of Necrons from their tombs. The possibilities are endless.

You have until 16:59 (GMT) on the 7th of January 2021 to enter, after which point we’ll randomly select five winners, who will receive every Citadel miniature in their armies up to a maximum value of $1,000 USD. There are a few terms and conditions to keep in mind – the most important of which is that you can only enter once, so you’ll want to think really carefully about the army you’d like a chance to win. 

If you’re an old-fashioned sort, you can also enter by planning an army list and emailing it to [email protected] along with your contact details. We’ll announce the five lucky winners in January.

BattleForge Dec09 GetTheApp3sfeOur app team is hard at work making Warhammer 40,000: The App as good as it can be. They’ve already rolled out one major update since Battle Forge launched, and they’re releasing another today that features a raft of patches and improvements made possible by all of the feedback we’ve received from you so far. 

As we continue to roll out regular updates and wide-ranging improvements to the app, some users may see their army lists deleted as the Battle Forge beta moves from version to version. Our long-term goal is for Battle Forge to seamlessly preserve your lists across app versions, but in the meantime, please make sure you export your completed lists and save them somewhere safe. 

If you’ve not tried Battle Forge yet, there’s never been a better time! Download Warhammer 40,000: The App to your device now, sign up for your FREE month, and get started! After all, the army of your dreams is waiting…

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