Wolves, Angels, and Alien Hunters

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Happy Halloween! We hope you’re enjoying the spookiest day of the year – and the new Warhammer Horror novel, The Reverie, which you can download and read now. But amidst the darkness, remember there’s a shining light in the form of loads of Warhammer 40,000 books available to pre-order! Let’s check them out.

The Young King gets a tome worthy of his saga in a limited edition of Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Ragnar Blackmane. This novel spans Ragnar’s time among the Space Wolves, and details his dealings – some friendly, some less so – with other Chapters, including long-time rivals the Dark Angels and the savage Flesh Tearers. Along the way, you’ll learn how Ragnar sees himself, his brothers, and his cousins in those other Chapters.

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There are only 1,250 copies of this limited edition available, so make sure to order yours while you can!

A pair of Blood Angels stories continue the Adeptus Astartes action, in the form of Guy Haley’s Darkness in the Blood and the first volume of the classic graphic novel Bloodquest.

Darkness in the Blood was first available nearly a year ago in a limited edition boxed set which sold out extremely quickly, so this will be the first chance for many to read this thrilling tale, which sees the sons of Sanguinius broken and bloodied by Hive Fleet Leviathan. Newly reinforced with Primaris Space Marines, and tasked with the defence of Imperium Nihilus, the Blood Angels must now face the threat within: the flaws of their bloodline. For Commander Dante and Chief Librarian Mephiston, this means facing their own inner darkness.

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Continuing Guy Haley’s sanguinary saga from Dante and The Devastation of Baal, this new novel will give you a look at what lurks in the heart of the Blood Angels and their determination to rise above their base instincts. You can pre-order it in hardback, eBook, and MP3 audiobook editions now.

Bloodquest was one of the earliest Warhammer 40,000 comics, serialised in Warhammer Monthly many years ago. Now it’s back and presented in full colour for the first time. Bloodquest: Volume One collects together the first two books of the original series, which sees Captain Leonatos and his brothers exiled from Baal until they recover the legendary Blade Encarmine, lost on their watch. Their journey takes them into battle across the Imperium and beyond…

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Experience this beloved tale in glorious full colour (mostly red, given the armour and all the bloodshed) – pre-order the hardback now.

There’s even more blood in our next release – but it all belongs to vile aliens! Deathwatch: The Long Vigil is a collection of nine short stories following the exploits of the xenos-hunting elites of the Adeptus Astartes. It includes a new tale by Steve Parker, the author of the novels Deathwatch and Deathwatch: Shadowbreaker, along with more by a host of Black Library favourites. 

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Pre-order the hardback and eBook now to see the black-armoured guardians of the Imperium in battle against myriad alien foes, and get new insights into how – and why – they fight.

After service in the Deathwatch, veterans return to their Chapter and often go on to great things. Uriel Ventris is one such warrior, and Graham McNeill’s Nightbringer shows his first mission as captain of the Ultramarines Fourth Company – great things indeed! Nightbringer was Graham’s first novel, and introduced a host of beloved characters, as well as being one of the earliest encounters with the dread threats of the C’tan. It’s now available to pre-order as an MP3 audiobook – pick it up and prepare to enjoy this fan-favourite story in a whole new way!

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French readers have a trio of titles to choose from as well this week. Necrons nobles battle across the millennia in a race to uncover ancient secrets in The Infinite and the Divine by Robert Rath. Commissar Ciaphas Cain teams up with an inquisitor as an uprising on an Imperial world escalates in Sandy Mitchell’s Duty Calls. Finally, Invocations contains a selection of horror stories that will chill, thrill, and downright terrify you. You can pre-order all three of these books in paperback and eBook editions now.

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You can pick up all the physical books – including the limited edition of Ragnar Blackmane – from the Games Workshop webstore. Head to blacklibrary.com for the digital editions. What will you be ordering? Let us know on Black Library’s Facebook page.

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