Your first look at Codex: Grey Knights

Chaos is on the rise – but hope is far from lost. The new Grey Knights codex is incoming, and with it, new ways to build an army from Titan, new Stratagems, new psychic powers and more.

With the new codex, the Grey Knights are getting their hands on some new units. The most exciting of these is the option to take a Nemesis Dreadknight for the Grand Master. The higher Ballistic Skill of the Grand Master pays dividends with the powerful ranged weapons such as the heavy psycannon, while the Grand Master’s iron halo makes the Dreadknight even more durable. Most excitingly, you’ll be able to field an entire army of nothing but Dreadknights by using Spearhead Detachments – by our calculations, you can fit about 8 into 2000 points comfortably.

Grey Knights players are also gaining access to the Stormtalon Gunship and Stormhawk Interceptor, adding some much needed and potent anti-air options in a largely melee-focused army.

The new psychic powers are going to be great for every Grey Knights player. Moreso than any other army in the game (bar perhaps the heretical followers of Tzeentch), the Grey Knights are an army that dominates the psychic phase. You’ll be able to make use of all six of your psychic powers every game, and each one is very useful. Our favourite is Astral Aim, which allows Grey Knights units to ignore cover and even fire through walls – combo this with a Purgation Squad wielding psilencers to devastate crucial enemy units that try to hide from the Emperor’s judgement.

Stratagems are another potent addition to the Grey Knights. With excellent Troops choices like Strike Squads  and Terminator Squads, it’s easy to grab loads of Command Points in a Grey Knights army, and there’s some great new abilities to spend them on:

Honour the Chapter is devastating – there’s very little in the game that can stand up to a unit of Paladins attacking twice.

Only in Death Does Duty end is a lethal combination with Grey Knights characters and a great way to guarantee a dangerous enemy character pays for killing your favourite Grand Master, (especially if he’s in a Dreadknight).

Wisdom of the Ancients is a useful aura ability and an efficient way to boost the accuracy of the high volume, high powered fire from Grey Knights weapons like psycannons.

Finally, there are Relics for you to build Grey Knights heroes of your own. As well as returning classics like the Soul Glaive and the Cuirass of Sacrifice, there are some new and unusual artefacts like the Banner of Refining Flame, which allows a Grey Knights Paladin Ancient to incinerate enemies with a super-charged Smite:

If you’re a Grey Knights player excited for new ways to play your army, or you’re looking to start your own army of these incorruptible psychic heroes, the new codex is for you. If you’re still hungry for more, tune in to Warhammer TV on Twitch this evening at 6:00 pm (UK time) to watch the codex in action in a battle against the Black Legion.

Codex: Grey Knights will be available to pre-order tomorrow.

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